Converge, Connect, Contribute

14-54 is an alternative community space operated by Queen & Co. in the heart of Towada City. It’s all about bringing people together, making connections, and giving back to the local community and culture, and we’re committed to building an open and inclusive environment for everyone.


Our Vision

  • Converge in a place where everyone feels welcome
  • Connect people with each other and with diverse experiences
  • Contribute to the local community and culture

We’ve usually got an event or exhibition on, but you can always stop by and enjoy an authentic Neapolitan pizza or a local bento lunch.

Check out the art catalogues at the Towada Art Center’s reading room, grab a coffee, work remotely, play some ping pong, or just come and hang out.

Need a place for an event or exhibition?
We’ve got space for that, too.

Everyone’s welcome, and admission is free!

Upcoming Events

14-54 is the perfect place to ...

connect icon
Meet Up
14-54 is always here for you, whether you just want to socialize, listen to music, check out our library, or just unwind...
study icon
Students in Towada know that 14-54 is a great place to study. They also know that a perfect test score equals free ice cream.
work icon
With free WiFi, outlets, ample seating, and a white board, why not hold your next meeting at 14-54?
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We have books, vintage video game consoles, ping pong tables, and more ...

We have everything you need

wifi icon
We have free WiFi so you can stay connected while you're here.
outlets icon
Outlets are avaiable so you can get charged up before you head out.
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Meeting Gear
We have a white board and projector, perfect for analog or digital brainstorming.

Already planning something?