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Neapolitan pizza with a twist.
Coffees, beers, affogatos, and more.

Thurs to Sun
11:00 to 16:30

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Genovese Basil Pizza

Our Ingredients

Neapolitan-Style Crust
Our crust is made from the best Tipo "00" pizza flour—the flour of Naples, the birthplace of pizza, using three simple ingredients: flour, water, and yeast.

DOP-Grade Italian Ingredients
We source our cured meats and cheeses from Italy, most of them DOP-certified, bringing an authentic taste of Italy straight to Aomori.

Locally Sourced Herbs & Veggies
We source many of our herbs and vegetables from local producers or grow them ourselves. Aomori grows some of Japan's tastiest veggies, and we love using them on our pizzas.

Lovingly Wood-Fired
Every pizza is lovingly kneaded, balled, and fermented by hand. We hand-stretch every pizza before firing it in our wood-burning oven to make the most of the fresh, smoky flavors.
Margherita Pizzaz
Mushroom Pizza
Nutella Almond Pizza

D    E    S    S    E    R    T

Event Space

The 14-54 Event Space plays host to talks, concerts, movies, workshops, private parties, and more. All public events are listed on our website.

Area: 220 sq. m.     Capacity: 50
Contact us for information on equipment rental, etc.

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