Opening the Hot Spring Tap

Opening the Hot Spring Tap

Opening the Taps

Yakeyama House's hot spring onsen waters flow from Sarukura Hot Springs in the Hakkoda Mountains into the bath.

The bath has three taps:

  • Hot spring water
  • Cold water
  • Water flow control

We share the hot spring pipes with other houses in the neighborhood, so water pressure can be affected.

Please be courteous of our neighbors, careful not to leave open the hot spring/water control tap open when finished.

It takes around 10 minute to fill the bathtub.

Adjusting Temperature

The temperature of the hot spring can be extremely hot, upward of 45 degrees, so please use the cold water tap to adjust the temperature.

Yunohana Mineral Deposits

The quality of the natural hot spring water changes daily. It has a sulfuric quality that can be strong some days and weak others. There are also soft crystalline mineral deposits, which can be a white, grey, or reddish hue. None of these are harmful and are even thought to have health benefits.

Hot spring tap to the left, cold water tap to the right

Water flow control tap